inaugural posting

politics, religion, and sex are three topics which are generally regarded as taboo in polite conversation and yet these are my three favorite topics for conversing. so, for better or for worse, this blog is my mostly one-sided conversation about these matters. as i tend to digress often and well, the subject matter will probably evolve into whatever the topic-du-jour is. however, thinking about it, life itself is really made up of nothing but politics, religion, and sex. the places we choose to shop, the food we choose to eat, the measure of control we allow other people (and the government) to have in our lives: it’s all political. as for religion, we are consciously or just under the surface always either looking for or running away from god, whatever we may perceive he, she, or it to be (or not be). it’s this ‘looking for/running away from’ that is the undercurrent running through our daily lives. in addition the fact is that most of the wars that have ever been fought revolve around clashing points of view regarding religion. as for sex, it should go without saying that without it, we wouldn’t even be here. and if we were doing it nearly as much as we talk (think, dream, obsess, judge, type online in chat rooms) about it, maybe this world would be a happier place. and of course, these three topics intertwine all the time, in ways that aren’t always pretty (ask former congressman tom foley or former pastor ted haggard). so, instead of this being my one-sided conversation on these three topics, maybe i should just say this is my one-sided conversation on life. and i invite YOU to join in, as you see fit.

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